What to eat in winter to avoid gaining weight?

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What to eat in winter to avoid gaining weight?

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A healthy diet is important all year round, but especially in the winter. This is when we are most prone to gaining weight. How and what to eat in winter to maintain weight and at the same time maintain a healthy, balanced diet? We suggest in this article.

In winter the risk of gaining weight is greater than in other seasons of the year. The body then needs a larger dose of energy, but often we do not lead such an active life then as in summer. Therefore, it is important to have an effective weight loss diet or a diet that does not allow you to gain weight.

In winter, outdoor activities are often replaced by watching TV or evenings with a book. This leads to us burning fewer calories. If this is combined with an increased appetite for fatty and sweet foods, excess energy will be created. This will be stored by the body in fat tissue, leading to weight gain.

Often, but not enough

In any diet, including the winter diet, it is very important to eat regularly. Especially at this time of year it is worth to observe this. It is best to eat five smaller portions, which will help maintain heat balance and weight.

Pickles support immunity

Properly composed diet is not only to slim us down or make us not to gain weight. It is also a guarantee of providing the body with essential vitamins. We should also support the intestinal bacterial flora, because it affects the immunity of the body. Useful bacteria are contained in pickled cucumbers or cabbage, so it is worth to reach for them.

Remember about warm meals

Especially in winter you should remember about eating thick, spicy meals. Soups are the most suitable because they are very filling and do not cause weight gain. What is important, they are a source of many food ingredients and also have warming properties.

More and more people do not have time to prepare meals for the whole day, especially warm ones. In such a situation, it is worth using the offer of a suitable catering company. If you are wondering where to find a good diet catering Katowice is a city where you can use such services.

Vegetables and fruits

These products are a very important element of every diet. In winter let’s reach for fruit and vegetable juices, best made by yourself. They have a lot of vitamins, cleanse the body and support the metabolism.

Due to the fact that in winter we do not have as many fresh vegetables at our disposal as in summer, it is worth reaching for frozen vegetables. Such vegetables do not lose their nutritional properties and can be the basis of many valuable meals.

Don’t forget your breakfast

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. In winter you should pay special attention to it. Because energy needs are highest in the morning, if you don’t eat breakfast, your body will demand extra calories during the day. And this leads to the accumulation of fat.

Spicy spices

Spicy food stimulates digestion and, importantly, causes a rise in body temperature. That is why so often in winter we reach for spicier food. It is worth adding paprika and chili to meals. Their spicy taste will help to accelerate the burning of calories. Black pepper, ginger and turmeric have a similar effect. However, it is worth remembering that not everyone, for health reasons, can eat spicy food.

Fatty fish

Each of us sometimes feels like eating something fatty. In such a situation it is better to reach for fatty sea fish, such as salmon or mackerel. This is a good alternative to the traditional cutlet, which is above all very healthy.

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