How do professional surfers eat?

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How do professional surfers eat?

Surfers are famous not only for their amazing stunts, but also for their great physiques. The key turns out to be not only exercise!

Wave surfing is a tough and demanding sport. Just holding on to the board while out on the water is quite a challenge for beginners. With time comes even more hardships and complex physical skills. In order to achieve a body capable of doing all of these things, it doesn’t just take long training, but also the right diet.

What a surfer’s diet consists of

As it turns out, surfers use their own secret to ensure that their diet provides them with everything their muscles could possibly need. The menu presented below is not only suitable for board maniacs on the water. It is also a very healthy and nutritious diet for anyone who wants to take care of their diet and body.

What kind of meat?

The life associated with the beach climate, the taming of a unique element – the sea…. no wonder the diet is so closely linked to the foods available in these regions. Surfers eat more than just chicken and pork. It’s the fish that helps them control their bodies on the boards. More specifically, fish and a large amount of carbohydrates.

Rice and pasta

Rice and pasta make up a large portion of meals in the homes of many people around the world, but it is surfers who eat them regularly.


One of the most physically demanding sports, as well as one that can go on for hours even during a workout, is not only associated with great fun, but also rapid loss of valuable calories. To avoid the negative effects of consuming large amounts of protein, surfers balance their diet with fruit, for example.

An individualized diet

Of course, you also need to remember that everyone is built differently, and their weight and body type matters. Beginners in sports do not have as high carbohydrate requirements as experienced people. This is mainly due to the length of training and how much the body of a given athlete is able to withstand. So, the longer the workout, the higher the carbohydrate requirement. In the case of exercises of advanced surfers, they can last up to two hours.

We also can’t forget that there are several other factors besides food. Among them, even as ordinary as adequate hydration. Great physical demands result in water loss from the body through constant sweating. Neglecting to replenish fluids can lead to disaster, from dizziness to loss of consciousness and drowning.

General advice

If you’re planning to surf or have a competition coming up in the near future that you’ll be participating in, remember not to binge on hard to digest foods before getting in the water and to arm your body with adequate nutrient stores before a big workout.

A surfer’s breakfast should consist of juices or fruit, and light forms of protein, such as milk. In addition, you need to arm your menu with vegetables and meat.

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