Essential equipment for every kickboxer

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Essential equipment for every kickboxer

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With the growing awareness of people about health and the salutary effect of sport on the functioning of our body and mind – we try to find a suitable sport that will valueably fill our free time after work.

Some prefer sports that do not require contact with others, we also have team sports, and combat sports, where of course contact with the opponent is the basis of training. This is the case with practicing kickboxing. It is a combination of classic boxing with punches performed with the legs. It is intertwined with many other martial arts such as taekwon-do, in which a wide range of technical kicks is the hallmark of this combat sport.

Deciding on this type of sport, we do not always have to decide on heavy sparring, during which we are particularly vulnerable to injury. Very demanding performance training included in every warm-up makes us sweat.

Then comes the part where we perform technically complicated training tasks – repeating a complicated sequence of punches hundreds of times. We take turns performing them together with a partner, who plays the role of a shield. Low kicks, high kicks, back-fist and left straight – one of the first sequences we learn until we stop thinking about it and the reaction becomes natural at the crucial moment of sparring.

Body protection is the basis

The test after months of training and thousands of punches is sparring, during which we verify the accumulated theory. We learn the reaction and leading out the blow, which is so different from learning the technique itself. It is worth to think about the necessary equipment, which may be more or less necessary during our trainings. It is obligatory to look around for gloves and tibia protectors.

It is a good idea to think about the necessary equipment which may be more or less necessary for your kickboxing workout. A different type of stitching or materials used can improve the comfort and durability of equipment subjected to really tough challenges. Sweat soaking through the gloves and hard knocks will put the skills of their creators to the ultimate test. Robustness of workmanship is one of the basic criteria, as not everyone wants to play with a needle and thread every training session. It is better to spend this time on something more interesting.

Quality of kickboxing equipment

The next important thing is the material from which they are made – this is most important in the context of gloves, because it depends on this whether they will not emit an unpleasant smell after time. From experience, I can say that both leather and synthetics have a number of advantages and disadvantages. It is not recommended to wash leather, but if you dry it after training, it will not emit unpleasant odor thanks to its antibacterial properties. On the other hand, after hundreds of trainings with artificial gloves, regular washing shouldn’t do any harm to them.

Let’s protect our shin guards and the opponent

Shin guards are obligatory equipment even for beginners. Even a light but accurate kick to the ribs can do a lot of damage. It is very important that the model holds well to the leg and does not create the necessity of correcting it after each attack. It is worth checking out the range of top protectors.

When the leg gets sweaty, such a situation may occur accordingly more often, so let’s try to choose a good protector, or rely on manufacturers with years of experience. From my experience I know that the most important are well finished seams, because from them every defect begins.

Once we get through the stage of training technique and getting in shape, many kickboxers will be tempted to verify their skills during sparring. If we are not doing this professionally and we care about our health – always wear a head protector! Cracked ribs will heal, but a bruised brain will not heal so easily. Everyone has a different shape of skull, so it is worth choosing such an important training element for a kickboxer. A good boxing helmet is one that you are able to forget about during the fight!

We hope that the above article has illuminated to you what are the most important training accessories when practicing kickboxing. The materials and quality of construction are extremely important when practicing such a demanding sport.

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